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The primary purpose of Jubilate Conservatory of Music, a school of classic study in music for children and young adults, is to strengthen the hearts and minds of the young. Jubilate provides needed mentorship and developmental life skills through music. The generosity of our supporters helps our students to become creative, collaborative, and motivated to share what they have learned with others.

Violin Scrolls

We are always in need of:


  • A violin, viola, or cello of any size!


  • Funds for music, music stands, and teaching supplies


  • Funds for lesson scholarships for children


  • Funds for the costs of additional costs of a non-profit business including bookkeeping, office supplies, insurance, rental & storage fees


Your gift of music serves students in numerous ways:


  • $28.00 - $36.00 = one half hour private lesson

  • $28.00 = one hour music class

  • $25.00 = one month of instrument rental

  • $240.00 = one year of violin/viola rental

  • $440.00 = one year of cello rental

  • $1176.00 - $1512.00 = one year of private lessons

With your generosity, we can serve our community through instrument and song.


Please contact Laya Field at

to donate and support Jubilate Conservatory of Music today!

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