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Philosophy of Action

The primary purpose of Jubilate Conservatory of Music, a school of classic study in music for children and young adults, is to strengthen the hearts and minds of the young and provide them with tools to face their future. We see classic music as a valuable tool, utilized successfully for hundreds of years by the human race to combat confusion and anxiety. With the increase in technology and the shortage of funding in schools, traditional classical music instruction has become marginalized. Jubilate Conservatory of Music has created a model with a simple format, and with devoted instructors and volunteers, JCM has formed a foundation for the entire community. 

Students begin study in their infancy and continue through elementary school developing skill and understanding. They prepare for auditions for college in their teens and become teachers themselves at Jubilate Conservatory of Music. We lift up the entire base of understanding and level of skill in the community through this classic approach. Students who are studying at JCM will enter schools as solid musicians. This allows music directors to begin operating at more sophisticated levels in their programs. It also paves the way for orchestra and symphonic bands returning to the school systems as students arrive ready to perform.  

Instruction at Jubilate is a return to the teaching of the past, where students study classic works, guided in a wholesome approach to their art, which is reflected in their lives.   

Kids Playing Violin
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