Class Descriptions

Beginning Strings After School Class

For beginning instruction in violin, viola, and cello for children ages 8-15. This class focuses on the mechanics of playing, reading simple notes and rhythms, and playing together in a string ensemble, moving at a beginning level pace, with a focus on the joy of musical interaction. This class is limited in size and provides more individualized attention than the Saturday Orchestra Class. Students participate in the end of semester recitals.

Intermediate Strings After School Class

For students who are comfortable with their instrument and can read and play the notes in first position. This class moves at a moderate pace with a focus on technique, music theory, reading music,playing together in string ensemble, and a study of the different styles of the master composers. Students will participate in the end of semester recitals.

Beginning Harp Class

Beginning Harp for ages 5-9. Traditional harps will be available for use during class at this beginning level. As a general music class using harp as its base, students will learn basic note reading, rhythms, ensemble skills, ear training, music history, and a simple study of the great composers. Students will participate in the end of semester recitals.

Chorus/Voice Class

Classes begin with Bel Canto vocal instruction along with discussion concerning the basics for singing in a choir and working together as a team, followed by a traditional choir rehearsal. Students will participate in the end of semester recitals, with the option of singing at other musical events throughout the semester.

Private Lessons

Harrison Cole teaches private lessons for piano and keyboard during the Summer Semester. He is skilled in teaching both classical and jazz.

Laya Field teaches private lessons for voice, violin, viola and cello throughout the year.

Karen Janusz teaches private lessons for piano and pipe organ throughout the year.

Jocelyn Obermeyer teaches private lessons for harp, piano, clarinet, saxophone, and flute throughout the year.


Summer Intensives
Each summer at Jubilate Conservatory of Music, a Summer Intensive is created specifically for music and acting students to collaborate in the production of a musical in only four days. These productions, led by music teachers from Jubilate Conservatory
working with guest artists, acting teachers and directors, start with an uplifting message and combine musical concepts and acting techniques, to create a fun, fast track learning experience for everyone involved. Intensives are usually held in June.

Saturday Music Classes

Saturday Music is a free course of study from 9:00-12:00 on Saturdays during the Spring and Fall Semesters. All age groups are welcome to participate at different times during the three hour period. Between 10:45-11:15 all string players, including harp, come together for a full rehearsal in the Jubilate Violin Orchestra. Musicianship Class, for infants through adults is a fun filled multi age class that explores matching pitch, rhythm band, group singing, music theory, and reading music. Older music students learn to teach these subjects which strengthens their musicianship skills. All classes participate in the end of semester recitals.

Saturday Schedule
9:15-11:15 Advanced Students
(includes a 1/2 hour break, please bring snacks for your children)
10:15-11:15 Beginning Strings
11:30-12:00 Musicianship Class