In the face of the unfolding circumstances related to Covid-19, Jubilate Conservatory of Music is beyond grateful to our parents, teachers, and community for their support. Our number one priority is to our students and teachers as we develop creative ways to continue effective, classical music instruction.

We are driven to strengthen the hearts and minds of our youth through classical music instruction and that is no different in these unusual times. In the midst of this, we are continuing this work.

We are now:

~ tailoring individual lessons for each child

~ providing online instruction for individuals and groups

~ increasing our focus on music theory and composition

~ keeping students in contact with one another

~ continuing to be a positive and encouraging influence

We will continue to provide updates regarding upcoming lessons and classes to parents through email.

Please contact Laya Field at

for more information, or to get on our email list.



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Strengthening Hearts and Minds Through Music