Karen Janusz

Organist, Pianist


Karen Janusz studied music at Alverno College School of Arts and Sciences in Milwaukee, Wisconsin majoring in Music Education and Liturgical Music. She taught piano students, played the organ for church services and directed a choir while in college.

Karen studied composition at Phoenix College.

After moving to Arizona, Karen began her musical journey as the Organist at Sts. Simon and Jude Cathedral. Since 1970 Karen has directed and co-directed the choir as the Organist/Pianist at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church for five years. She served as the Organist/Pianist at St. Bernard of Clairvouix Catholic Church for six years and at St. Maria Goretti’s Catholic Church for a total of ten years. Karen has served as the Organist/Pianist at Christ Church since July of 2007. She writes music when inspired to do so.

Karen’s musical foundation started at the age of six with piano lessons. She advanced to studying the organ along with the piano at the age of eleven. She believes that music is a discipline, one that every student should have the opportunity to explore and experience. When you read music and play an instrument, it accesses all parts of the brain activating the cerebellum, muscle memory and coordination, the temporal lobe- by learning a musical language, the occipital lobe- by seeing and interpreting, and the frontal lobe- using judgement and reasoning. The creative right side of the brain is engaged as well as the left analytical brain allowing one to use and create more neuronal pathways. It has been proven scientifically to enhance learning skills. “Music is an art, a skill, and a science. It provides an outlet for creativity, enhances one’s life experience and brings joy to others. It is a gift to be shared.” Karen is available for private organ and/or piano lessons through the Jubilate Conservatory of Music.