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Tuition for Tutorials and Classes


Private Tutorials:

$28.00-$36.00 per ½ hr lesson, plus a six-dollar registration fee per semester.


After School Classes:

After School Class tuition generally runs from to $26.00 per class.  Registration fees are six dollars per student per class every semester. These classes are listed on our website.



After School Classes, Sign-up


Students may register for After School Classes by contacting Laya Field at



Private Tutorials, Sign-up


Students attending Jubilate Conservatory of Music may study privately throughout the year. Students are registered for these lessons by contacting Laya Field at to discuss lessons and meet with instructors.


Saturday Violin Orchestra Class and Musicianship Class


Saturday classes are offered at no cost. We do ask that students are registered for these classes. There is a six-dollar registration fee for each child for each class every semester. To register, contact Laya Field at

Summer Intensive Registration

Summer Intensives are available to students ages 5 to 16. The classes are from 9:30 to 1pm, with a performance at 1pm on the final day. The cost for Intensives is generally around $240.00 per student, with the option of registering early for a reduced tuition of 200.00. To register contact Laya Field at .

Summer Intensive:

Every morning students will gather to learn music theory, history, and aspects of performance practice. This will be followed by a game or activity that will reinforce what your student has learned. Students will then divide into age groups and focus area. The focus area will be 45min breakout sessions with master teachers. Following this, there will be a light lunch provided with time for the students to absorb and discuss what they have learned. After lunch, students will gather again for a group rehearsal, putting what they have learned into action. On the final day of the intensive, students will perform their musical before a closed audience.  This four -day intensive will take your student through every phase of a performer’s process and theatre performance.

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